years a SR&ED auditor at CRA


years a SR&ED consultant

The CRA approved 517 SR&ED claims by 175 clients, 
99% success rate.

Employed by the CRA from 1996 to 2000 to audit SR&ED claims in software, hardware, IT, and multimedia.

I'm an electrical Engineer MBA, taught at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria. Work experience at Blackberry, IBM, NorthernTelecom and 6 startups.

Helped establish CRA's internal approval policies.

The CRA hired 2 dozen specialists in many technologies to interpret the Income Tax Act that formed the Vancouver SR&ED department's policies. I'm one, as well as an expert witness for the Department of Justice in Federal Court and the CRA's Special Investigations Unit.

And keep up to date with CRA's changes that may affect your SR&ED claims.

The underlying calculations are complex.  CRA's perspective is arcane. 

To see how the CRA is adjusting during this COVID-19 crisis, see my blog.

I know what the CRA needs in order to approve your SR&ED claims.

We'll explain to the CRA why your activities qualify for SR&ED, viewed from the CRA's perspective. Your SR&ED claim will be more likely to be approved without an audit if I'm involved.

And will reduce the chance your SR&ED claims will be audited by the CRA.

We'll prepare four pages that explain to the CRA why your activities qualify and supporting documentation so we're ready to justify your SR&ED claims to the CRA.

Don't pay BIG contingency fees!

Most SR&ED consultants need to feed two people: a technical person AND an accountant! I'm just one person and take care of everything so I can charge less. My sweet spot is startups. 

Want to know how much money you'll receive from SR&ED?

Richard Moore

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