• Richard Moore

The CRA is approving SR&ED claims quickly during this COVID crisis!

The CRA has decided to release $200 million of SR&ED claim in its approval pipeline, to stimulate the Canadian economy. This notice is posted on the CRA’s website:

“For the time being, no new reviews/audits will be started and existing reviews/audits will be completed as soon as possible so that businesses have access to their credits faster.”

There’s never been a better time to submit an SR&ED claim than right now, because

Most refundable claims will be processed as soon as possible with minimal burden on the claimant.”


Don't pay BIG contingency fees!

Most SR&ED consultants need to feed two people: a technical person AND an accountant! I'm just one person and take care of everything so I can charge less. My sweet spot is startups. 

Want to know how much money you'll receive from SR&ED?

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